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In the IDABUS Identity Solution training courses, participants learn how to install and configure the solution. On the one hand, the focus is on how automated and workflow-supported identity and access management solutions can be designed and implemented. On the other hand, participants learn about the user interface of the IDABUS Identity Solution and how it can be adapted to the needs of different user groups and requirements.

IDABUS Portal Customization Training (A720)

The IDABUS Identity Portal provides a user interface for the management of IDABUS Identity Solution data that is equally suitable for administrators and end users and can be customized to meet individual and customer-specific requirements. The corresponding configuration options for design, layout and function are provided via the IDABUS Identity Portal and can be flexibly extended. In addition, custom components can be created, added, and used. In the 4-day IDABUS Identity Portal Customization training, participants will learn how to install and configure the IDABUS Identity Portal. At the end of the training, the participant will be able to customize the interface independently. The training is not open to the public and will be conducted exclusively for the respective customer upon request.


Training description

  • Basic IDABUS Identity Portal functionality
  • System selection and authentication/user login
  • Multilingual deployment, extensibility, and user experience
  • Configuration of views, components, search options, and sidebar
  • Definition of search scopes for searching and finding desired objects
  • Creation of wizards/wizards as well as editing screens for selected objects
  • Creation of a custom dashboard or home page
  • Understanding the communication model between back-end and front-end
  • Installation of the IDABUS Identity Portal
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Display IDABUS Identity Solution data in the IDABUS Identity Portal interface
  • Create wizards and edit screens for editing IDABUS Identity Solution data
  • Control access rights to attributes/views for dedicated user groups
  • Understand the connectivity between front-end and back-end
  • Integrate a custom corporate design into the IDABUS Identity Portal interface
  • Configure the predefined web components (e.g., Boolean, Text, Date Picker, Identity Picker, etc.) for intuitive editing of IDABUS Identity Solution data. e.g. Boolean, Text, Date Picker, Identity Picker) for the presentation and intuitive editing of IDABUS Identity Solution data
  • Independent Error Analysis

This course is designed for developers, administrators, and project managers to present IDABUS Identity Solution data with dynamic, modern web components regardless of the type of web browsers, understand the underlying technologies, and make customizations.

Training A700

IDABUS Identity Solution – Foundation

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