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IDABUS Password Change Notification Service (PCNS)
Password synchronization in real time

Synchronizes in real time the password changes of a user

IDABUS Password Sync gives you control over which target systems your passwords are synchronized to. You have the possibility to set up rules to define which passwords are generally allowed and transmitted and also to specify special filtering for individual environments.

Download the datasheet here.

Functions of the IDABUS Password Change Notification Service

Our password synchronization is composed of three primary components: IDABUS Password Filter (PF), IDABUS Password Change Notification Service (IDABUS PCNS), and IDABUS Password Manager (PWM).

The following is a rough overview of the functions of each component and how they work together:

The PF is installed along with the PCNS on the Domain Controllers (DC) which will be used as the source for your password changes. The PF directly intervenes in the writing process of the changed password and uses certificate-based encryption for the new password including information about the account of the object whose password is being changed on the DC.

The second component – the IDABUS PCNS – detects the pending password change and transmits it via HTTPS to the central PWM, which usually runs directly on the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) servers of the source environment. The PWM checks whether the transfer has been approved and the target systems have been determined. Classically, the new password is then passed to the MIM, which transfers it to the target systems via the management agents that are stored there.

Alternatively, custom solutions for the transmission to the target system can be integrated.

Components of the IDABUS Password Change Notification Service

Alternatively, custom solutions for the transmission to the target system can be integrated:

IDABUS Password Filter

The PF is a library that is integrated into the regular process of a password change on a DC. Filters, which are stored in the registry and can be adjusted at any time if required, are used to decide whether the password change complies with the set of rules and is eligible for transmission. After successful verification, the password is encrypted and stored in a file in a specific directory on the DC and thus added to the queue for the PCNS.

IDABUS Password Change Notification Service

Password changes added to the queue are recognized by the PCNS, decrypted, and transmitted to the Password Manager according to a stored set of rules. In case of network problems or system downtime, the frequency and intervals for transmission can be corrected at any time as well as adapted to your needs in real time.

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)

The MIM serves as a data source for the associated accounts for a password change and in the standard configuration also as a distributor for the password changes. In principle, the PWM can also be used without the MIM. We can discuss the desired architecture in a short meeting.

IDABUS Password Manager

When the PWM receives a password change, it first checks whether the source is generally authorized to set password changes. As soon as this test is passed, all connected accounts in the metaverse are resolved and transferred to the identified target systems, taking into account the stored set of rules.

Features of the IDABUS Password Change Notification Service

Under a support contract, our support team is enabled to continuously monitor your system and get specific notifications in case of any abnormalities. A selected set of measured values is recorded, which can provide a good overview of the most important functions.

Selection of the monitored parameters/systems:

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