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Company-wide or system-specific name generation

Your modern and high performance NGS Tool

For the successful operation of an identity management system, the generation, storage and provision of unique names are essential.

The Name Generation Service (NGS) is a release-ready tool that meets these requirements comprehensively and with high performance. Only modern Microsoft technologies and components were used in the development.

The NGS is a web service that provides a REST-compliant interface for all required functions. Therefore, a call from other applications can be performed very easily. To enable easy use of the NGS also from PowerShell scripts, a special module with common functions was created. A collection of example scripts for all common use cases facilitates the introduction. Finally, each function can also be called manually via an integrated interface description page.
The generated unique names are stored in a Microsoft SQL server database. An existing SQL server (e.g. FIM/MIM DB) can be used for this purpose. The requirements are minimal.

The NGS is multi-client capable and provides unique names for clients, infrastructures, parts of infrastructures, systems, subsystems, or combinations of these as required. Prepared functions for generating, providing, and storing unique names based on templates already cover a variety of possible and complex generation scenarios for unique names. Names that are no longer used can be deleted automatically after an individually configurable retention period has expired and are then available again on request. Predefined PowerShell scripts enable the NGS functions to be called directly from MIM workflows, e.g. to generate unique login names or e-mail addresses.

Download the datasheet here.

NGS includes the following functionalities

The NGS includes the following components

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