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Highly specialized and maximally flexible

IDABUS Monitoring is a highly specialized and at the same time maximally flexible solution for monitoring the IDABUS Cloud, on-premises MIM, as well as hybrid combinations of both worlds. The software is based on solid, globally proven standard components, enriched by specially developed modules. It is a cloud solution hosted by IDABUS and enhanced by sensor modules installed in the environment to be monitored.

Download the datasheet here.

IDABUS Monitoring is offered in two variants:

IDABUS Monitoring Basis-editon

Under a support contract, our support team is enabled to continuously monitor your system and get specific notifications in case of any abnormalities. A selected set of measured values is recorded, which can provide a good overview of the most important functions. Selection of the monitored parameters/systems:

IDABUS Monitoring Customer-Edition

In addition to the Foundation variant, the Customer Edition offers the following features:
  • By means of the experience of our support staff and the metrics provided by IDABUS Monitoring, we enable you to keep your IAM system running smoothly.
  • You and we can react proactively to reduce or avoid malfunctions and failures.
  • The traceability of the system status is ensured – even over a longer period of time.
  • The monitoring data can only be viewed by the customer (Customer Edition) or our support.
  • Measured values are automatically deleted from our system after an agreed period of time (depending on the license).
  • No external access into your system is necessary. The installed components only require an outgoing HTTPS connection from the IDABUS Monitoring Hub.
  • All data is forwarded exclusively to systems hosted in Azure (West-Europe) and stored there in encrypted form.
  • All security features of the Azure Cloud are available.
  • Azure AD integration for authentication via the dashboard.
  • IDABUS Monitoring Hub (on-prem or cloud) as a central collection and transmission component in the customer environment.
  • Azure IoT Hub as a highly scalable and secure distributor in Azure.
  • IDABUS Monitoring Engine connects all backend components and controls the data flow.
  • InfluxDB™ is a leading solution for storing and processing measured values in the form of time series.
  • Grafana™ as a globally established dashboard solution for visualization of monitoring data.

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