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Our software, products and solutions have been developed by our IDABUSteam of experts in order to successfully complete projects faster. Through countless project experiences, our consultants have developed products and solutions for many areas. Today, these are standard components and integral parts of our project methodology. They reduce development time and enable a high level of standardization of the project, which simplifies subsequent support.

As a client, you can benefit from these advantages. Generally, we always provide products and solutions only as an integrated part of an IDABUScustomer project, because we want to offer you the best possible service. We can only do so if we can ensure that products and solutions are used appropriately and that we can make exactly the adjustments that are best suited to the specific requirements of your project.

In order for us to continue to develop new and great products and solutions for you, we charge a license fee for their use, with the exception of some products and solutions which are free to use. However, the fees are significantly lower in the overall cost of an IDM project given the time savings in implementation compared to a new development. We at IDABUSare therefore able to pass on significant cost savings to our customers.

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Identity and Access Management

An identity and access management system (IAM) enables the management of different identities and objects within a system, an organization or even a geographical area. In the process, all objects are assigned a digital identity. It must be possible to manage these identities throughout their entire life cycle, i.e., to create, update, and delete them if necessary.

An IAM system enables to assign roles to users, change rights, and detect and prevent possible misuse of them – fully automated if necessary. In addition, organizational structures and access authorizations of entire companies can be mapped and managed holistically – including ensuring and enforcing compliance guidelines.

IDABUS as an expert for Identity and Access Management

As IDABUS, we can exploit the full infrastructure capabilities of on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid IAM deployments with our own Microsoft Azure-based IAM solution – the IDABUS Identity Solution. Investments and developments already made with the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016, such as data, workflows, and rules, are preserved by using our fully comprehensive migration tool. It is essential and self-evident that we can also cover or even extend all functions of the MIM in the IDABUS Identity Solution.

Password management tools (PCNS), reporting, monitoring and unique name generation (NGS) are also included in our range of services and products.

Achieve outstanding backend and frontend performance by leveraging Microsoft Azure infrastructure components such as Cosmos DB. Catch workload peaks effortlessly with dynamically scalable technology.
A customizable and individually extensible modern user interface gives you the flexibility to respond to changes and to different user types and user requirements at any time. Create role-based dashboards to increase user productivity and satisfaction.
IDABUS Identity Solution offers many integration possibilities with other areas such as security technologies. An integration with Microsoft Defender for Identity enables you to quickly identify compromised users and deprive them of sensitive roles and privileges in the shortest possible time without incapacitating the user or alerting the attacker.
IDABUS Identity Solution includes a modern object history with complete recovery functions of objects to the desired state at any point in time. All changes and object statuses are displayed on a clear timeline.
This extension adds functionality to the IAM system for role-based assignment of permissions – automatically or manually. It is also possible to implement a role hierarchy for your company, which simplifies the authorization and de-authorization of people, as well as the auditing and re-attestation of assigned roles.

The automation of processes with the help of flexibly defined workflows and dataflow rules sustainably optimises the efficiency and precision of the processes.

To test the logic and effects of a workflow beforehand, you can run it in simulation mode. This displays all potential effects in advance so that any errors can be identified and corrected at an early stage.


To increase the scope of the IAM solution, we offer various product extensions that serve more specific or complex problems. These products can additionally be integrated into the existing IAM landscape.

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